The Research Objectives of the Program can be summarized in the following Decalogue:

1Refining of the conceptual framework of the culture of lawfulness and its theoretical and normative foundations.
2Sistematization, analysis and evaluation of the current regulation in regard to the culture of lawfulness. Monitoring of the legislative and constitutional modifications in its regard and elabotation of proposals for its adapation and improvement.
3Analysis of the philosophical assumptions of the values of the culture of lawfulness and the civic virtues underlying the idea of a democratic citizenship.
4The causes of corrupcion. Special analysis of the causes in Spain. Political party financing and its effects on corruption.
5Measurement of corrupcion. Corruption in Spain in objective data.
6The perception of corruption in Spain and the means for its solving.
7Evaluation of the existing situation in the matter of deficits of processes concerning political legitimation and fight against corruption.
8Transparency and open government as instruments for the prevention of corruption and the betterment of public legitimacy: limits and possibilities. Establishment of transparency and responsability protocols appliable to public administrations.
9Investigations on the foundations and consequences of the promotion of the value of trust in the Civil Society-State relationship.
10Pedagogical foundations and adaptations for permanent education, teaching and training in the culture of lawfulness.