Francisco Javier Álvarez García

Principal Researcher


Licentiate (1977) and Doctor (1986) in Law by the Complutense University. I have taught undergraduate, master's and doctorate degrees in different Spanish Universities. At the moment I am Professor of Criminal Law in the Carlos III University, previously I was associate professor at the Complutense University, the University of Cantabria and in which today is the University of Castilla-La Mancha. I extended studies at the Giuridico Institute Antonio Cicu, Bologna, under the direction of Franco Bricola. I have given lectures and seminars in different Universities and Institutions of Spain and Latin America. My work is very diverse and covers different topics ranging from the structure of the norm or historical and jurisprudential issues, to the purposes and effects of penalties, juvenile delinquency, passing through the principle of legality, exposing various circumstances of crime, Commission for omission or the study of multiple crimes in particular. Particularly noteworthy is that I am the Director and co-author of the only incomplete, yet incomplete, Criminal Law Treaty, which has existed in the Spanish language since the 1960s; I have also conducted several collective studies - some of them the most cited in recent years - on different criminal reforms in Spain. PR in different research projects, I lead a large research team with which I have organized different conferences. I have collaborated, as a principal adviser in organized crime, for different international organizations such as MERCOSUR, SICA, COMJIB and AECID, and elaborated international conventions and recommendations, national criminal law for different countries and, lastly, the new Criminal Code for Honduras. I have assisted, as an advisor, the relevant International Conferences, including the International Conference on Security in Central America (Guatemala City, June 23, 2011) and many other Ministers of Justice and High-ranking personalities of Justice and Security of Latin America.

Recent publications:

Books and book chapters:

  • FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVAREZ GARCIA (Director), Tratado de Derecho Penal Español. Parte Especial. I, (2ª ed., 2011 978-84-9004-442-1); II, (2011, 1-1564, 978-84-9004-122-2); III. Delitos contra las Administraciones Pública y de Justicia (2013, 978-84-9053-357-4); IV. Delitos contra la Constitución (2015/2016 978-84-9053-357-4), Tirant lo Blanch.

  • FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVAREZ GARCIA; MARIA ARGELIA QUERALT JIMENEZ, 2012, “European Convention Protection of the Right to Liberty and Security: A Minimum European Standard (Art.5 ECHR)”, en Javier García Roca y Pablo Santolaya Machetti Europe of Rights: A Compendium on the European Convention of Human Rights, 107-152, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 9789004219908.

  • FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVAREZ GARCIA, 2009, Sobre el principio de legalidad, 1- 326, Tirant lo blanch, 978-84-9876-723-0.


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  • FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVAREZ GARCIA, 2010, “Sobre algunos aspectos de la contemplación penal de la sexualidad”, Teoría y Derecho, 8, 207- 228, 1888-3443

Recent activities:

  • Adviser on organized crime of the Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of Justice (COMJIB), years 2008/2016 (March 30)

  • Opinion on controversial legal issues in the execution of works in the cave of "El Soplao". Client: Government of Cantabria (Ministry of Industry and Labor), 01/2009

  • Report on the performance of the Balearic Government in the concession of motorways. Client: Balearic Government (Ministry of Housing and Public Works) call (to be completed), 01/01/2011