Pragmatic reconstruction in jurisprudence: features of a realistic legal theory

LVII Pemanent Seminary Jesús G. Amuchastegui (SPA)

Hour: 12:00

Place: Room 11.0.16. Campus de Getafe. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Speaker: Brian Z. Tamanaha (Washington University School of Law)

Organized by: Grupo de Investigación sobre el Derecho y la Justicia


Professor Brian Z. Tamanaha is John S. Lehmann University Professor at the Washington University School of Law. Much of his research has focused on the study and analysis of socio-legal theory. Author of works such as: Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide: The Role of Politics in Judging Princeton 2010), Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law Cambridge 2006), On The Rule of Law: History, Politics, Theory  (Cambridge 2004), A General Jurisprudence of Law and Society (Oxford 2001), his latest book, A Realistic Theory of Law (Cambridge 2017), has been awarded the IVR Book Prize for the best legal philosophy book published in 2017-18 by the World Association of Philosophy of Law.

In the next session of the permanent seminar organized by GIDYJ, prof. Tamanaha will discuss the central ontological, epistemological and methodological foundations of the realistic theory of law.

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