E-learning program on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption

Researchers from the Program on Culture of Lawfulness developed the modules on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption produced by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA).

This online course consists of 6 modules, whose purpose is to provide Governments with a reference guide on available legal tools, the latest legislative and policy trends, and successful measures and practices to prevent and suppress corruption.

The course is hosted by the OSCE Learning platform, accessible for all interested in good governance and anti-corruption, a simple registration process is enough, without additional vetting/approval of registration or invitations.

Good Governance and Anti-Corruption

Online training modules on prevention and combating corruption for government officials, representatives of law enforcement, private sector and civil society.


Module 1. Anti-corruption initiatives, strategies and bodies

Module 2. Integrity in public and private sector

Module 3. Codes of conduct, conflict of interest

Module 4. Tools of judicial cooperation

Module 5. Anti-corruption proofing of new legislation

Module 6. Criminalization of corruption