Research Assistant job offer

The Research Group on Justice and Law (GIDYJ-UC3M) has launched a job offer for a Research Assistant funded by the Community of Madrid (Call for aid for the hiring of research assistants and co-financed laboratory technicians By the European Social Fund through the Youth Program and the Youth Employment Initiative).

The assistant will reinforce the group and collaborate with the activities of the Interuniversitarin Program in Culture of Legality (New Trust-cm), especially in the development, management and analysis of a database on corruption in Spain.

The selection call is published both on the UC3M website (Ref. 2017/009) and on the Madrid+d job portal (Offer 22639). Deadline for applications is January 24.

The requirements to be elegible are the following:

  1. Be registered in any locality of the Community of Madrid on 08/08/2016
  2. Not be an employee of the UC3M on 08/08/2016
  3. Have one of the following qualifications: Bachelor, Engineer, Architect, Graduate, Diploma, Technical Engineer or Technical Architect
  4. Be enrolled in the File of the National System of Youth Guarantee at the moment of the formalization of the labor contract. This requires:
  • Be over 16 years and under 30 years old
  • Have Spanish nationality or be citizens of the European Union, as well as foreigners holding an authorization to reside in Spain that qualifies to work
  • Not having worked on the natural day prior to the filing date of the application
  • Not having received educational actions on the natural day prior to the filing date of the application
  • Not having received training on the natural day prior to the date of submission of the application

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