J. Ignacio Criado Grande

Head Researcher


He is a assistant professor contracted doctor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the Autonomous University of Madrid and deputy Dean of Research and Innovation in his Faculty of Law. He is co-founder of NovaGob and CEO of NovaGob.Lab, Government Laboratory for Public Innovation in Latin America. He has participated and directed several research projects, received several awards, as well as consulted and given technical support / training. He has produced almost one hundred publications on public innovation, open government, digital administration or social media and public administration, many of them appeared in editorials and international magazines. His latest book (as editor) is New Trends in Public Management (INAP, 2016).

Research areas

  1. Government and Administration 2.0

  2. Social media and public administrations

  3. Open government

  4. Interoperability

  5. Inter-organizational collaboration

  6. Europeanization of e-government policy

  7. Local political leadership

  8. Quality management in the public sector

  9. Latin American public administrations