Vincent Druliolle


Research areas:

  1. Collective memory and its relation to transitional justice; Commemorations and memorialization.

  2. Theory of democracy.

  3. Construction of identities and political and cultural pluralism.

  4. Human rights and international relations.

  5. Contemporary social theory and methodology of the social sciences.

Publicaciones recientes:

Books and book chapters:

  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. Tomando en Serio la Teoría Política: Entre las Herramientas del Zorro y el Ingenio del Erizo. 'La Teoría Política, la Memoria y Nuestro Relación con el Pasado'. pp. 597 - 617. (España): CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS POLÍTICOS Y CONSTITUCIONALES, 09/2015. ISBN 978-84-259-1680-9

  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. The Memory of State Terrorism in the Southern Cone: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. Memory and Its Places in Post-dictatorship Argentina. pp. 15 - 41. (Estados Unidos de América): PALGRAVE, 04/2011. ISBN 978-0-230-11014-4

  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE; Francesca Lessa. The Memory of State Terrorism in the Southern Cone: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. pp. 1 - 246. (Estados Unidos de América): PALGRAVE, 15/03/2011. ISBN 978-0-230-11014-4


  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. Recovering Historical Memory: A Struggle against Silence and Forgetting? The Politics of Victimhood in Spain. International journal of transitional justice. 9/2, pp. 316 - 335. (Reino Unido): 01/07/2015. ISSN 1752-7716
  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. Políticas de la memoria. Eunomía. Revista en Cultura de la Legalidad. 7, pp. 198 - 207. (España): 09/2014. ISSN 2253-6655

  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. H.I.J.O.S. and the Spectacular Denunciation of Impunity: The Struggle for Memory, Truth, and Justice and the (Re-)construction of Democracy in Argentina. Journal of Human Rights. 12/2, pp. 259 - 276. (Reino Unido): 05/2013. ISSN 1475-4835

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  • VINCENT DRULIOLLE. Humanitarianism and Suffering: The Mobilization of Empathy, Richard Ashby Wilson and Richard D. Brown (eds.) [Book review]. Essex human rights review. 7/2, pp. 114 - 120. (Reino Unido): 04/2011. ISSN 1756-1957

Recent activities:

  • Research internship at St Antony`s College, University of Oxford. Start date: 01/10/2014 - 06/30/2015 Duration: 9 months Objectives of the stay: Others Tasks to be checked: Santander Visiting Fellow in Iberian and European Studies, European Studies Center, St Antony's College, University of Oxford